Faster connections. Better referrals. Smarter Directory.

Trying to grow your service line or improve physician alignment?  DirectLineMD puts the internal numbers within your hospital into a secure app that everyone in the hospital will use.  Once out there, you create awareness of your services through dedicated in-app advertisements that you control.  Try it for free today and see how it will change the way you grow.



Workflow Simplification



Make life easy for your physicians

Efficient communication within your institution drives improved patient care. DirectLineMD creates a streamlined workflow, reducing physician frustration. Your DirectLineMD app puts key contact information in a centralized location, quickly connecting physicians to priority contact numbers.



How does it work?


  • With a centralized access point for contact information, the app reduces the painful inefficiency of having to look up fragmented phone numbers.
  • Your DirectLineMD app streamlines priority contact numbers access with a customized favorite screen.


Benefits of a streamlined workflow

  • Increases staff productivity and morale by simplifying the communication process.
  • Enables referring physicians to quickly access designated services.
  • Accelerates referrals by providing convenient access to preferred physicians.