Faster connections. Better referrals. Smarter Directory.

Trying to grow your service line or improve physician alignment?  DirectLineMD puts the internal numbers within your hospital into a secure app that everyone in the hospital will use.  Once out there, you create awareness of your services through dedicated in-app advertisements that you control.  Try it for free today and see how it will change the way you grow.



Michael Weber, MD

The Story Behind DirectLineMD

As a physician, I love what I do. I was always looking to grow my practice, but I had a problem.

I couldn't be everywhere at the same time. Being busy in one hospital or in the office resulted in referrings calling less. Out of sight, out of mind.

How could I stay at the top of the minds of my referring physicians – even in busy times?

That’s how the DirectLineMD app was born. The easy-to-use technology takes your hospital’s internal phone numbers and puts them into a fast, intuitive and secure app that allows user to be more productive.

When trying to reach an area of the hospital, three quick touches are all it takes to dial a number from a physician’s smartphone. Embedded within this app are your institution’s logo and branding, and reminders for your own practice (for example, one-click links to my call service).

The app has become an integral part of my own practice and lets me give something back to my referring physicians by making their days easier. But I soon realized that it could be even more useful to hospitals in promoting their preferred physicians.

If you have any questions please contact me directly or you can listen to my interview on ReachMD by clicking the link below.