Faster connections. Better referrals. Smarter Directory.

Trying to grow your service line or improve physician alignment?  DirectLineMD puts the internal numbers within your hospital into a secure app that everyone in the hospital will use.  Once out there, you create awareness of your services through dedicated in-app advertisements that you control.  Try it for free today and see how it will change the way you grow.



Improve brand awareness

Effectively promote your hospitaL


Your DirectLineMD app puts your hospital directory on your physicians’ smartphones to distinguish and effectively
advocate for your hospital



How does it work?

  • DirectLineMD creates and posts an individual app within the Apple App Store and Google Play for your institution. Anyone can download the app; however, only physicians within your institution are given the code to access the data.
  • Improve brand recognition through a “self-promoting” icon that appears on every user’s app. Your brand becomes embedded in physicians’ minds, prompting them to use your institution’s services.
IMG_3681 (1).PNG
  • Providers can advertise new or preferred services on the initial landing page for immediate brand recognition.