Faster connections. Better referrals. Smarter Directory.

Trying to grow your service line or improve physician alignment?  DirectLineMD puts the internal numbers within your hospital into a secure app that everyone in the hospital will use.  Once out there, you create awareness of your services through dedicated in-app advertisements that you control.  Try it for free today and see how it will change the way you grow.


A physician alignment strategy that
benefits doctors AND your institution

  • Need to promote your preferred physicians?
  • Want to put critical contact numbers into your physician’s hands – without making them work too hard?
  • Looking for a way to keep referrals in your network – and decrease leakage?

Referring physicians can either make or break your revenue goals. After all, they are your most valuable customers. DirectLineMD puts your hospital directory on your referring physician’s smartphones, so they can quickly and easily refer patients to providers within your institution’s network. The app also:

  • Accelerates patient care. Better communication leads to better care.
  • Increases brand awareness. Your institution’s logo appears on the app, and as a result, every physician’s smartphone, acting as a continuous reminder and promoting engagement with your service lines.
  • Simplifies physician workflow. Reduce physician frustration and make their lives easier by putting critical contact details right in their hands.

DirectLineMD. Designed by a physician, for physicians.



"Two thirds of physicians use some kind of mobile application in the performance of their jobs."

-Med Data Group, 2014


Market To Your Most Valuable Customers:
Your Referring Physicians

DirectLineMD puts your facility's logo directly on the phone of every physician.  It acts as a constant reminder and offers physicians the opportunity to connect with their physician colleagues directly at the point of care, all while growing your service lines.



"More than 80% of physicians are using mobile devices in the workplace."

-Wolters Kluwer Health 2013 Physician Outlook Survey


Easy Setup
Send us your directory in any format and we'll take care of the rest.  Need to update? Let us know and it will be done within 24 hours.

Helpful Tools
We help you market your new directory and ensure physician adoption through in app support, instruction and updates.

Secure Platform
Your data is stored on a secure server, and only accessible with a hospital specific code.



"With organizational success increasingly dependent upon a closer working partnership with physicians, most hospitals and health systems should be seeking full engagement..."

-The Advisory Board, Physician Engagement Research Briefing


Physicians Love DirectLineMD Because
It Was Designed For Them.

DirectLineMD was designed by a physician. As a result, the app works the way they need it to, making their jobs easier and more efficient.  By providing them with this great tool, your facility will improve physician relations and align their actions with your healthcare institution’s goals..