Faster connections. Better referrals. Smarter Directory.

Trying to grow your service line or improve physician alignment?  DirectLineMD puts the internal numbers within your hospital into a secure app that everyone in the hospital will use.  Once out there, you create awareness of your services through dedicated in-app advertisements that you control.  Try it for free today and see how it will change the way you grow.



Simplify and improve
communications in your institution.

DirectLineMD ensures your physicians always have critical contact numbers.

Put hospital directory information in physicians' hands to easily connect them to services at the point of care. DirectLineMD:

  • Improves patient safety
  • Accelerates patient care
  • Simplifies workflow
  • Saves time



How it works


DirectLineMD will publish a unique app for your institution, so your institution’s contact numbers are consolidated in a centralized location.


You can prioritize important contact numbers in the customized favorites’ screen, streamlining the communication process and improving staff productivity and morale.


As a physician adds phone numbers to her app, the DirectLineMD app updates every other physician’s app with these numbers, ensuring adoption.

By simplifying directory assistance, you can improve the overall physician experience in your institution.